Machine No. 3 @ National Dental Centre Singapore

Yes, we are into our 3rd machine now. Launched on 15 Apr 2019 and located at NDCS Level 2, this smart vending machine will provide patients with mainly dental related products such as interdental brushes, dental floss and mouthwash etc. We are getting better and better into this. All the 3 machines so far have a consistent look and feel and can be managed centrally through our machine management backend system. Through our backend system, any low stock level or machine problems will trigger an alert to us to provide support.

Below are some more images of the machine.


Below are the items currently sold at NDCS.

As you can see, there are still some empty slots. So if there are items that you wish you can get from our machines or if you are into marketing and want to advertise on our 3 machines, please approach us and let us know! Thanks!