Our Solution
An Ecosystem
Our smartRx® platform creates an ecosystem for the vending operating environment and connects all partners in the value network.

The ecosystem gives values for all parties in a given market by engaging more consumers, simplifying operating processes, and enabling unlimited flexibilities and possibilities in the vending environment.

Video Analytics
With video analytics, the smart vending machine can recommend suitable products to the customers based on their demographics such as gender and age group.
Digital Signage
The adoption of digital signage will generate a new source of advertising income for vending operators, leveraging on the high-traffic location of the smart vending machines and interactive payment kiosks. Targeted ads can be displayed based on the locations and sales history of the smart vending machines and payment kiosks. 3D decoration can also be used to wrap the machine to attract greater attention and sales.
Cashless Payment
Accepting cashless payment such as debit/credit cards, mobile payment, Internet payment and so on will provide convenience to the customers and indirectly promote more sales, besides encouraging the sales of higher value items.
Multimedia Interactivity
Multimedia interactivity with large touch display will attract more attention and will be very appealing to the potential customers, thus increase sales of the products. Customers can view product details, and gain confidence in making a purchase of products as well as non-physical services such as tickets, coupons, mobile top-ups etc.
Multifactor Authentication
Secured authentication of buyer via technology such as ID scanning, QR code scanning, biometrics scanning and facial scanning to ensure of buyer’s identity for specific use cases.
Versatile, reliable and scalable platform with remote management that leverages on the best latest technologies to customize and fulfil all smart vending needs for business growth.