June 19, 2020
Building Resilience and Accelerating Digitisation in Maritime

On 19 June 2020, Mr Tong Ping Heng, Founder and CEO of Aeras Medical, was specially invited to speak at a webinar organized by Marine Port of Authority (MPA) and Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) on the topic "Building Resilience and Accelerating Digitisation As One Maritime Singapore". Mr Tong, with his almost 30 years of medical and life science industries experience, gave useful insights on how technologies can be used to enhance healthcare services in the maritime industry.

An example cited by Mr Tong is the hugely successful remote monitoring trial that Aeras Medical had conducted with a shipping company in an ocean going ship supported by MPA under their PIER71 programme, which gives the crew and the shipping company a piece of mind over their crew's health while out at sea. Mr Tong also shared on how quickly Aeras Medical had responded to the industry's needs especially in the recent COVID-19 situation. In response to MPA's circular sent out on 18 June 2020 to allow telemedicine in the issuing of fit-to-travel certificate especially for crew disembarking their ship to go home, Aeras Medical was able to rapidly leverage on their SmartRM Solution (Smart Remote Monitoring) and establish a partnership with Impact Health, a company helmed by maritime veteren Mr Michael Chia, and tap on their network of medical professionals and shipping agents, to offer fully managed teleconsult and fit-to-travel certificates issuance services to the shipping companies.

It's an exciting time for remote healthcare services in the maritime industry.