October 1, 2020
Singapore General Hospital PPE Machine & smartRx PPE Machine @ Gek Poh

Singapore General Hospital PPE Machine


  • To provide a revolutionary way to dispense PPE to in-ward hospital staff.

Problem Statement:

  • Current storage space are limited and PPE items run out very fast (especially during Covid). Replenishments are not done fast enough to cope with the increased demand.
  • Usage volume cannot be tracked which may lead to over-supply.
  • Contamination and Wastages e.g. the topmost N95 mask in a box is exposed, and staff tends not to use the topmost mask and takes the one below instead.

SmartRX Vending Machine Solution:

  • Provides larger capacity to reduce replenishments frequency.
  • Automatic real-time tracking of usage and provides visibility to users.
  • Automatic real-time alerts via SMS during low stock.
  • Reduce contamination and wastage. Items can be better managed for infection control in the machine.

PPE in the machine: Face Shield, Gown, N1860, N1860S, N1870+
Location: Isolation Ward

smartRx PPE Machine @ Gek Poh


  • Aeras Medical’s first local retail smart vending machine.
  • Leverage on smart machine as an alternative to a physical store to reach out to the heartlands with Aeras Medical’s clinically validated and proven products, to complement Aeras Medical’s already well-established online storefront.
  • 24/7 store provides greater convenience for everyone to get Aeras Medical’s proven products anytime.
  • Product mix includes PPE items such as surgical masks, hand sanitizers and diabetes related products and medical devices.
  • Supports the go green movements with cashless payment via NETS and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) and electronic receipts instead of paper receipts.
  • 15% storewide discount for a limited time only.