Our Products
smartRx® Gen 1.0 OTC and Pharmacist-only Medicine Dispensing
Allow Purchase And Collection Of Medication Immediately Without The Need To Queue
  • For Over-The-Counter (OTC) and/or Pharmacist-only Medicines
  • Dimensions: 200cm (L) x 100cm (W) X 200cm (H)
  • Capacity: 100 SKU (>1,000 items)
  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • See-through glass + 32” touchscreen panel
  • Large LED panel for advertisements
  • X-Y Robotic Arm Dispensing Mechanism
  • Supports any payment methods
  • Customised receipt and printing
  • Remote consult with pharmacist
  • Central machine and inventory management system
smartRx® Gen 1.5 OTC, Pharmacist-only and Prescription Medicine Dispensing
Allow Chronic Patients To Bypass The Queue And Refill Their Medicine Immediately
  • Includes all specs from smartRx® Gen 1.0
  • Remote consult with doctor
  • Medical certificate printing
  • Customised prescription label printing and auto pasting on medicine packaging
smartRx® Gen 2.0 Telemedicine Clinic
See Your Doctor And Get Your Medicine Instantly!
  • Includes all specs from smartRx® Gen 1.5
  • Private Consultation Room
  • Vital Signs Measurement (using our smartRm VSM Solution, refer to next section)
smartRm™ VSM Solution
Provide Vital Signs Measurement and Remote Monitoring
  • Supports Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Heart Rate, SpO2, Temperature, Weight, Activity Tracking and more
  • Device Agnostic
  • Alert Management
  • Remote Monitoring